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Dec. 2015.

Regimental Ties.

Striped Ties....... £ 11.50

Adjutant General's Corps.

Argyll & Sutherlands.

Argyll & Sutherlands ( Princess Louise ).

Army Air Corps.

Army Catering Corps.

Beds. & Herts.

Black Watch.

Brigade of Guards.

The Buffs.

Cameron Highlanders

Cameronians ( Scottish Rifles )

Cheshire Regt.

Devonshire Regt.

Devon & Dorsets.

Dorsetshire Regt.

Duke of Cornwalls Light Inf.

Duke of Lancasters Regt.

Duke of Wellingtons.

Durham Light Infantry

East Lancs.

East Surrey Regt.

East Yorkshire Regt.

Essex Regt.

Gordon Highlanders.

Gloucestershire Regt.

Green Howards. Regt.

Gurkha Brigade.

Greenjackets ( Royal ).

Highland Bde.

Highland Light Infantry.

Highland Light Infantry. 6th. Btn.

Intelligence Corps.

The Kings Regt. Liverpool..

The Kings Regt. ( Liv / Manchester ).

Kings African Rifles. *

Kings Own Royal Border Regt.

Kings Royal Rifle Corps.



Lancashire Regt.

The Leeds Rifles.

Light Infantry. 1995

Lincolnshire Regt.

Loyal Regt.

Manchester Regt.

Merchant Navy.

Mercian Regt.

Middlesex Regt.

Norfolk Regt.

Northamptonshire Regt.

Ox & Bucks Light Inf.

Northumberland Fusiliers.

PWO Regt. of Yorkshire.

Princess of Wale's Royal Regt.

Queens Regt.

Queens Royal Regt. ( West Surrey ).

Queens Regt. ( East & West Surrey).

Queens Own Highlanders.

Rifle Brigade.

The Rifles.

Royal Air Force.

Royal Air Forces Assocn.

RAF Regiment.

Royal Army Dental Corps.

Royal Army Education Corps.

RAMC ( narrow set ).

RAMC ( wide set ).

RAOC ( old ptn .).

RAOC ( New ptn. ).

Royal Army Pay Corps.


Royal Corps of Signals.

Royal Corps of Transport.


Royal Berkshire Regt.

Royal Engineers.

Royal Flying Corps.

Royal Fusiliers.

Royal Glos ./ Berks /Wilts.

Royal Highland Fusiliers.

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

Royal Irish Regt.

Royal Irish Rangers.

Royal Logistics Corps.

Royal Marines.

Royal Military Police.

Royal Navy Assocn.

Royal Navy Air Service.

Royal Navy.

Royal Observer Corps.

Royal Pioneer Corps.

Royal Tank Regt.

Royal Hampshire Regt.

Royal Regt. of Scotland

Royal Regt. of Wales.

Royal Scots.

Royal Scots Fusiliers.

Royal Scots Greys.

Royal Sussex Regt.

Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

Royal West African Frontier Force.

Royal West Kents.

Seaforth Highlanders.

Sherwood Foresters.

Sherwood Foresters & Worcesters.

Somerset Light Infantry.

South Staffs.

South Wales Borderers.

Staffordshire Regt.

West Yorkshire Regt.

Wiltshire Regt.

Worcestershire Regt.

Welch Regt.

York & Lancaster Regt.

Yorkshire Regt.


Royal Gloucester Hussars.

Single Motif Ties...£9.25

Royal Scots.

Royal Horse Artillery.

Argyll & Sutherlands.

Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).

Gordon Highlanders.

RAF Assocn.

Royal Scots Fusiliers.

Cameron Highlanders.

Royal Tank Regt.

Crested Ties...£14.50.

Airborne Div.

Air Training Corps.

2nd Army.

14th Army.

7th Armoured Div (Desert Rats).

11th Armoured Div,

Army Air Corps.

Coldstream Guards.

40 Commando.

3 & 41 Commando

42 Commando.

45 Commando.

Combined Ops (white/navy)

Combined Ops (red/navy).

Fleet Air Arm (Crested).

Fleet Air Arm (Jacquard Stripe).

Gurkha Bde.

Grenadier Guards.

Hon. Arty. Coy. (Jacquard stripe).

2nd Inf. Div.

Irish Guards.

KOSB (Jacquard stripe).

Merchant Navy (Crown & Anchor).

Merchant Navy (Cap badge).

Royal Navy (Cap badge).

Royal Navy (White anchor).

Parachute Regt.

Royal Anglian Regt

RAF Bomber Cmd.

RAF Coastal Cmd.

RAF Fighter Cmd.

RAF Cap Badge.

RAF Air Gunner

RAF Bomb Aimer

RAF Engineer.

RAF Loadmaster.

RAF Navigator.

RAF Observer.

RAF Medical,.

RAF Pilot.

RAF Police.

RAF Signaller.



RAF Warrant Officer.

5th Royal Inniskilling Dgn.Guards.

Royal Logistic Corps Air Despatch.




Royal Engineers (Cap badge).

Royal Corps of Signals.

Regular Army.

Royal Marines.

RNVR (Jacquard stripe)

RN Cap Badge.

RN White Anchor.

RN (gold crown Chatham).

RN (red crown Portsmouth).

RA red with gold gun).

RA (blue with gold gun).

Royal Artillery (Zig-zag Jacquard).

Royal Regt. of Fusliliers.

Royal Tank Regt.

Scots Guards.

Special Air Service.

Strategic Command.

Territorial Army.

43rd (Wessex) Div.

Welsh Guards.

Striped Cavalry &Yeomanry ties. (Silk only).£29.95.

1st The Queens Dgn..Gds.

The Royal Scots Dgn..Gds.

4/7th Royal Dgn. Gds.

5th Royal Inniskilling Dgn. Gds.

The Light Dgns.

1st King's Dgn. Gds.

The Royal Dgn Gds.

The Royal Scots Greys.

3rd Carabiniers.

The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars.

The Royal Hussars.

13/18th Royal Hussars.

15/19th The King's Royal Hussars.

3rd The King's Own Hussars. (new ptn).

4th Queen's Own Hussrs.

7th Queen's Own Hussars.

8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars.

10th Royal Hussars.

11th Hussars.

The King's Royal Hussars.

The Queen's Royal Hussars.

9th/12th Royal Lancers.

16th/5th The Queen's Royal Lancers.

17th/21st Lancers.

12th Royal Lancers.

Fife & Forfar Yeo.

The Queens Bays.

Aeroplane Motif Ties...£14.50.

Halifax Bombers:: Lancaster Bombers: Liberators:Spitfires:

All ties are made of Polyester or Terylene/Crimplene unless

Otherwise stated.


We can supply BLAZER BADGES for many of the above ties, in gold and silver wire at a cost of. £16.50. Please enquire

We have the following embroidered blazers to be cleared.

Silk £3.00 each.

RAEC: Devon & Dorsets:

Wire £6,50 each.: RN Mechanicians Branch:

Miniature Campaign medals 1939/45 and afterwards

1939/45 Star. £4.95

Atlantic Star. 4.95

Air Crew Europe Star. 4.95

Africa Star. 4.95

Pacific Star. 4.95

Burma Star. 4.95

Italy Star. 4.95

France & Germany Star. 4.95

Bars for stars (8th Army etc) 3.50

Arctic Star. 9.95

Defence Medal. 12.95

War Medal. 12.95

British Korea. 10.95

UNO - Korea. 10.95

UNO Cyprus: Congo: etc. 9.75

Kenya Medal (AGS & Kenya clasp) 21.00

GSM (Army & RAF) 1918/62. 10.50

Bars for GSM. Malaya:Palestine 45/48

Arabian Peninsular:Brunei:SEAC: 3.50

India Service Medal 39/45. 25.00

NZ Service Medal 39/45. 25.00

South Africa War Service medal. 17.50

Rhodesia 1980 Monitoring Force. 19.00

South Atlantic Medal. With rosette. 10.00

Naval GSM. 115/62. 11.95

Accumulated Service Medal. 10.00

GSM (Army:RAF:RN).post 1962 9,95 Bars for GSM 1962. Borneo: Radfan:

South Arabia: Malay Peninsular:

N.Ireland: Lebanon etc: 3.50

Australia Service Medal. 39/45. 21.00

Canada Vol. Service Medal. 25.00

Dunkirk Medal. 14.50

Gulf Medal. 8.00

Bars for Gulf medal.

2nd August 1990. 5.15

16th January-28th February 1991. 3.50

NATO IFOR Medal. 9.50

British Miniature LS Medals & Decorations.

Army & RAF LS & GC. 9.95

AFM. 18.50

AFC. 18.50

Air Efficiency Medal. 12.25

BEM (Mil. Or Civil). 14.00

CBE (Mil. Or Civil). 40.00

DCM. 18.50

DFC. 18.50

DFM. 18.50

DSC. 18.50

DSM. 18.50

DSO E11R. 65.00

Fire Bde L.S. 11.50

George Cross. 18.75

George Medal., 18.50

GV1R Coronation. 24.00

E11R Coronation. 12.50

E11R Jubilee. 12.50

E11R Golden Jubilee. 12.95

MBE (Mil or Civil). 17.50

MC. 18.50

MM. 18.50

MSM GV1R. 22.50

MSM E11R. 14.50

WRNS.LS. 20.00

VC. 19.00

Queens medal for Gallantry. 18.00

Imperial Service medal E11R. 18.00.

Imperial Service Order 23.50

RN LS & GC. 9.50

Bars for RN LS & GC. 3.00

OBE (Mil. Or Civil) 16.50

Police LS. 11.95

RNVR & RNR Decoration. 17.50

Bars to RNVR & RNR Dec. 3.00

Special Constab. L.S. 11.50

TA Effic.Medal.LS. 13.50

Bars for TA Effic.Medal. 4.00

Territorial Decoration. 16.00

TAVR LS. 12.00

TAVR Decoration. 17.50

TA Effic. Medal. 1982. 12.00

Cadet Forces Medal. E11R 12.00 Bars for Cadet Forces Medal. 4.00

Civil Defence Long Service. 19.50

Rosettes F.S. 3.00

Rosettes for S.Atlantic. F. 3.50

Rosettes Miniature. 2.50

Oak leaves for MID WW1 FS. 5.15

. " " " " WW2 FS. 3.45

" " " " WW2 Min. 3.20

Numerals. 3.20

Crossed oak leaves silver.Min. 4.20

Silver Sprays FS. 5.00

VC emblems. 4.50

GC emblems. 4.50

Mounting miniature medals £2.00 per medal, in addition to the cost of the brooch. PLEASE state whether GV1R or E11R

Where applicable when ordering Miniature medals.

Miniature Medal brooches. 1 med £2.05: 2 med. £2.60: 3 med. £2.80: 4 med. £3.20:

5 med. £3.50: 6 med. £3.90: 7 med. £4.20: 8 med. £4.60:

9 med. £4.90: 10 med. £5.30: 11 med. £5.75.

F.S. Medals brooches: 1 med. £2.55: 2 med. £3.20: 3 med. £4.00:

4 med. £4.65: 5 med. £5.30: 6 med. £5.75:Plastic Medal Envelopes. 10p each

Plastic medal holders. Fit into the top pocket. £5.50..

Medal Ribbons - Full Size British campaign ribbons 1914 onwards .£2.00. per 6" strip: pre1914 £2.50 per 6" strip:

Long Service & Decorations. £2.00 per 6"strip:. British Miniature ribbons £1.50 per 6" strip: Full size Pin back ribbon bar £3.75 each ribbon: Please state which ribbons required.

We have the following SILK ties which we are clearng at reduced prices. Price normally £29.95. We are now selling them at £15.95 to clear.

Light Dragoons: Queens Royal Hussars: Royal Scots Dragoon Guards: Fife & Forfar Yeomanry|: Royal Dragoon Guards: RAF Bomb Aimer:

Lapel Badges £3.95 each. Many of these regiments can also be supplied in Tie Grips at £7.95 each. Sweethearts Brooches at £7.95 each. Cuff Links at £14.95 each.

Adjutant Generals Corps: 7th Armoured Div: 1st Army: 2nd Army: 8th Army: Argyll & Sutherlands: Army Air Corps: ATS: Brigade of Guards: Buffs: Bays: BAOR: Blues & Royals: Border Regt: 3rd Carabiniers: Cameronians: Cameron Highlanders: Combined Ops: Devonshire Regt: DCLI: 4/7th Dragoon Guards: DLI: Duke of Lancaster Regt: East Lancs: East Yorkshire: Gurkha Brigade: Gurkha Signals: HLI: 7th Hussars: 10th Hussars: 11th Hussars: 14/20th Hussars: Irish Guards:KOYLI: Kings Own Royal Border Regt: KOSB: Kings R. Hussars: Kings Regt: KRRC: KSLI: 9/12th Lancers: 16/5th Lancers: 17/21st Lancers: Loyal regt: Life Guards: Light Dgns: The Loyals: Middlesex Regt: Manchester regt: Merchant Navy: NATO: Notts/Derby: Norfolk Regt:North Staffs: Ox & Bucks L.Inf: QARANC: Queens Royal Irish Hussars: Queens Royal Hussars: Queens Royal Lancers: Queens Royal regt: RAF Bomber Cmd: RAF Coastal Cmd: RAF Fighter Cmd: RAF Medical: RAF Police:RAF Strike Cmd: RAF Transport Cmd: Royal Artillery: Royal Dgns: Royal Engineers: RAMC: RAOC: RASC:RCT: REME: Royal Fusiliers: Royal Irish Fus: Reconnaissance Corps; Royal Anglian regt: Royal Armoured Corps: RAF Regt: RE Bomb disposal: Rifle Bde: R.Glos/Berks/Wilts: R.Gurkha Rifles:

R.Highland Fus: R. Horse Gds: R.Logistic Corps: Royal Pioneer Corps: Royal Signals: Royal Sussex: R.Welsh Fus: Royal Greenjackets: Royal Hampshire Regt: The Rifles:

RHA: 13/18th Hussars: 15/19th Hussars: 5th Royal

Inniskilling Dgn Gds: Royal Irish Fus: R. Ulster Rifles: Royal Irish Rangers: Royal Regt. Of Scotland £3. 75: Royal regt of Wales: Royal Scots Fusiliers:Royal Military Police: RN Submariners: Royal Scots Greys: Royal Tank Regt: Royal

Warwicks: Royal Welch Fusiliers: Royal West Kents:

Seaforths: SAS: SBS: South Lancs: Somerset Light Inf: South Staffs: South Wales Borderers: Suffolk regt: UDF: The Welch regt: West Yorks: Wiltshire Regt:WAAF: WRAC: WRNS: Womens Land Army: Worcesters:United Nations: Yorkshire Vols: WRAF: The Yorkshire Regt:

Other enamelled lapel badges. £3.95 each

HMS Ark Royal: HMS. Hood: HMS Newfoundland: HMS Glorious: HMS Vidal: HMS Hermes: HMS Albion: HMS Sirius: HMS Drake: HMS Exeter: HMS Belfast: HMS Defiance: 40 Commando RM: 29 Commando RM: 42 Commando RM: 45 Commando RM; 59 Ind. Commando RE:.

Afghanistan Veterans: Falkland Islands Veterans: Iraq Veterans: Northern Ireland Veterans: Suez Canal Zone Veterans:

Leather Military Key rings £2.95 each - Argylls: ATS: Black Watch: Border Regt: The Buffs: Beds & Herts: 3rd Carabiniers: Cheshire Regt: Coldstream Guards:

DCLI: DLI: Duke of Wellingtons: Essex Regt: East Surrey Regt: East Lancs: Gordon Highrs: Green Howards: Gren. Gds:

11th Hussars: HLI: Irish Gds: Intelligence Corps:The Kings Own: The Kings Regt: KOSB: KOYLI: KSLI: 9/12th Lancers: 17/21st Lancers: Light Inf: Loyal Regt: Manchester Regt: Merchant Navy: Middlesex Regtt: Parachute Regt: Princess of Wales Royal Regt: PWO Regt of Yorkshire: Queens Royal Lancers.Queens Lancashire

Regt: Queens Royal regt: REME: RAF: RASC: RA: RAOC:

RAMC: RCOT: RE: Royal Greenjackets:RGBW: Royal

Highland Fus: 10th Royal Hussars: RHA:Royal Hussars: 5th

Royal Inn.Dgn.Gds: Royal Logistic Corps:RAF Regt: Royal

Signals: RHA: RM: RTR: Royal Irish Rifles: Royal Irish

Rangers: Royal Lincolns: RMP: RN: Royal Regt of Fus:

Royal Regt of Wales: Royal Scots: Royal Scots Fus: RSDG:

Royal Welch Fus: Royal West Kents: SAS: South Lancs:

Scots Gds: Suffolk Regt: UN: Welsh Gds:

Other Key Rings. £2.50 each

101st Abn: 82nd Airborne:British Airborne (Pegasus: The Yorkshire Regt: RAMC: The Rifles:

Naval Cap Tallies. £3.50 each - HMCS Bonaventure: HMS. Curzon: HMS Duncansby Head: Flag Officer Plymouth:

HMS Leopard:HMS Lochinvar: HMS Laleston: HMS Matapan: HMS Mohawk: HMS.Mauritius: HMS Sirius: HMS Triumph: HMS.Daedalus: HMS Dryad:

Airline Gold Wire Cap badges. - Air Lebanon (early pattern). £12.00:

Naval & Shipping Line badges

RN PO. (QC). £10.50: Merchant Navy Officer £13.50: MN Officers (Bombay style). £15.95: MN officers beret badge. £10.50: RN officers beret badge QC. £9.00: RN Officers Cap Badge. £13.50: Iceland Customs. £12.50: RN CPO.(QC). £12.50: Royal Mail Line (KC) £13.50: International Maritime Chartered Organisation. £12.50: Cromarty Firth Ports Authority. £12.00: Blue Star Line. £13.00: RN Common Bros Ltd/Hindustan Steamship Co. £12.50:RN (QC) Officer metal beret badge, £15.00: International Maritime Chartered Organisation pair collars. £10.00: Furness Withy Line.£13.50: RN CPO.(QC). £13.50:

Lapel badges.

RAPC KC). £3.00: Grenadier Guards. £2.50: Grenadier Guards. £1.25: Canadian Combined Services. £2.50: Bosnia Veterans. £6.50: The Kings Badge. For Loyal Service £5.00: H.M.Armed Forces Veterans Badge. £8.50: Merchant Navy Veterans Badge. £8.50: National Service. £5.75: Korea £5.75: Malaya. £5.75: Cyprus. £5.75: Aden. £575: Iraq. £5.75: Gulf War. £5.75: Operation Herrick Afghanistan. £5.75: Home Guard. (KC) enamelled. £12.50: On War Service. 1915. £10.50: Bradford Lord Mayor's Spitfire Fund, enamelled. £16.50: Coldstream Guards black onyx with silver centre cap badge, Rim HM silver London 1917. £30.00: RAF (QC) chrome on m.o.p.. £6.95: Devonshire Regt (KC) sterling silver/enam/ £15.00:

Aeroplane lapel badges. £1.95 each - Spitfire:

Hurricane: Lancaster: Halifax: Canberra: Shackleton: Hawk: Nimrod: Jaguar: Tornado: Concorde: Eurofighter: Mustang: Grummen F3F: Mitchel: Liberator: Catalina: Transell: A10 Tankbuster: F18 Hornet: F16 Fighting Falcon: Stealth Fighter: Stealth Bomber: Fiat G91R: Spad 13: Messerschmidt: Focke-Wulfe: MIG 29: Satwin Squirrel Helicopter:Airbus 331: Airbus 380: Boeing 707: Boeing 747: Red Arrows: Wellington:Jetstream: Mirage: Tristar: Super Fortress: Lockheed Lightening: Puma Helicopter: Space Shuttle:

Genuine Full Size Medals.

UN & NATO medals etc awarded to British Troops

UN Yugoslavia:£18.00: We can obtain most UN medals on request at £18.00:

NATO Kosovo Medal. £20.00.

NATO Former Yugoslavia.. £18.00

NATO Non Article 5. £20.00/

NATO Macedonia.£18.00:

UN Cyprus. £18.00.

Good Quality Reproduction Medals.

Dunkirk Medal. 23.50.

Victoria Cross. £28.50

Queen Victoria Metropolitan Police 1887 Jubilee medal £21.00:

1914/15 Star. £14.50:

WW1 Medals

Pair - 31245 Pte. J.Hogg Yorkshire Regt. £45.00:

British War Medals.

SS - 12918 A/Sjt. A.LLoyd. ASC. £27.50.

Victory Medals.

294349 Spr.,J. Varley. RE. £18.50

M2 - 053258 Pte. F.Gore. ASC. £18.50:

71238 Pte. C. Johnston. RAMC. £18.50.

WW2 Medals.

Air Crew Europe Star (copy). £14.50

1939/45 Star. £12.00 Italy Star. £15.00

War Medal. £12.00 Pacific Star. £38.00.

Defence Medal. £16.00.

France & Germany Star. £21.00.

Africa Star £16.00: Burma Star. £21.00:

Atlantic Star. £35.00:

Arctic Star (copy) £16.50.

Other British Medals

Womens Land Army (Mint). £32.50.

Royal Military Police Chichester Marches, 1989. £15.00.

Royal Military Police Chichester Marches. 1992. £15.00.

National Service. £35.00 (Mint).

Dunkirk Medal. (genuine). £55.00.

Reproduction Full Size WW2 medal bars £3.50 each:


USA.Coastguard Achievement Medal. £11.00.

Belgian. 1939-45 Medal bar Allemagne 1945. £25.00.

British cloth shoulder titles(Red/white)...£4.50 each unless stated otherwise. - Gloucestershire: Grenadier Guards:

U.N.R.R.A.: Devon.:KSLI.: Inniiskillings. Welch Regiment: Coldstream Guards. £4.50: Home Guard.: London Regiment: RRF ACF. :

British cloth shoulder titles...£3.50 each unless stated otherwise. - North Somerset Yeomanry 44 RTR (navy/white) £5.00: IWGC (green/yellow): RCT (navy/yellow). Rescue (navy/red): Ambulance (blue/gold).: MSO (black/red). £4.00: 1951 khaki/yellow): Mountain (black/white) £3.50: Hereford H.S.CCF (blue/red) £3.00: New Zealand (navy/red). £4.00: Scots Guards (Blue/yellow): MSO (red/blue). £4.00: CMSC. Khaki/white). £3.00: Cheshire Yeomanry (yellow/red). Very slight mothing.£4.50: Mobile Defence Corps (brown/blue) £5.00:CombinedCadetForce.(navy/red).£4.00:CMP.(red/black).£5.00;Loughborough CCF. (navy/red). £5.00: Essex (purple/yellow). £5.00: Royal Pioneer Corps. (red/green). £5.00: Merrill College CCF. (black/red). £6.00: St.Ignatius College CCF (navy/red). £6.50: Chichester H.S. CCF (White/ £5.50: Cambridgeshire ACF (red/white). £5.00: Cumbria ACF (blue./yellow). £5.50: Loughborough CCF (black/red). £5.00:Royal Armoured Corps (yellow/red). £4.50: DCLI (d £5.00: Somerset

ACF (black/yellow). £6.50: St Marys College CCF.(maroon/yellow) £5.00: RAPC(yellow/black). £4.00: Air Training Corps (RAF blue)/ £2.50: RAEC (navy/blue). £4.00: (Green/white).£5.00: Royal Pioneer Corps (Red/green): £5.00: DCLI ( £5.00: Foresters (Green/white). £5.00: ACC. (grey/yellow). £4.50: Scots Guards (blue/yellow) £4.50: Essex ACF. (Purple/yellow). £4.50: Royal Yacht (QC). (Black/white). £6.00: Welsh Guards (black/white)/ £4.50: Royal Marines (navy/red) £3.50: Royal Marines Commando.(Red/navy) £3.50; Royal Marines Commando (Brown/olive). £3.50: Royal Marines Commando (black/olive). £3.50: Royal Marines Commando (Desert). £3.50: RN EOD Unit (black/olive) £3.50: RN EOD Unit., (black/olive) £3.50: Royal Army Pay Corps (navy/yellow). £4.00: Durham ACF red/gold. £4.50: Cambridgeshire ACF. (red/white). £5.00:

Civil Def.cloth titles(black/yellow) - £3.00 each

Portsmouth: Somerset

Civil Def. Cloth titles ( - £3.00 each.

Messenger: Rescue:

Canadian cloth shoulder titles - The Royal Regiment of Canada £2.00: 6RCA (black/red): Royal Canadian Army Service Corps.£3.00: 1 RCA £3.00: RCCS. £2.50: Canada (Olive). £2.50: Canada (Khaki/white). £2.50: Canada (Brown/beige). £2.00: Army Cadets. (Brown/gold). £2.00:

Lincoln & WellandRegt.£4.50: 1medRCA. £3.00; 6RCA.£3.00: 1RCA. £3.00: The Black Watch/RHR/Canada (red/blue). £6.00:

Australian & New Zealand cloth shoulder titles...£1.50 each

Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (navy/gold)/ £4.00: New Zealand slip-on (black/white)

South African Cloth titles:

Regiment Bloemfontein. £3.00: South Africa (khaki/whirte.£5.00:

Others - Republic of Sudan ((green/black). £5.00: South America (khaki/white). £4.00:

Reproduction Para/Commando/Special Forces etc cloth

titles...£2.50 each unless stated otherwise. - Special Air Service: Army Air Corps: Special V1 Service: 3rd SAS:4th SAS: Parachute: Commando D: First Commando Brigade:Commando Signals: No.7 Commando: No.10 Commando:VCommando: Parachute Regiment. £3.50: Royal Army Pay Corps (navy/yellow). £2.50: Airborne (curved). £3.00: 1 Canadian Parachute Batallion (Printed). £3.50: Royal Navy Commando. (navy/red) £5.00: Essex (Printed) £4.00: Poland (red/white) £3.50: 2nd SAS. £2,50: 4th SAS. £2.50: Parachute Regimenet ( blue) £3.50:

Embroidered cloth badges. P - Printed. S -Silk. L - Emb.on

Linen. others emb on felt. ME - Merrow edge.

Commands. - A/A Cmd 2nd Ptn. P. £3.00: Scottish Cmd Troops. S. £6.00: Scottish Cmd Troops. P. £5.00: Eastern Command 1947. £3.50: A/A/Cmd/ 2nd Ptn. £3.50:

Districts. - North Highland. £4.00: South Wales. P.£9.00:N.Wales. £5.00: Lancs & Border. P. £10.00: Aldershot Dist. £6.00: Lancs & Border District. £7.50: East

Midland. £5.00:

Divisions.- 47th London Div. R. Signals. £15.00: 44th Div 3rd Ptn. £5.00: 43rd Wessex. S. £5.00: 43rd Wessex. P. £5.00:4th Inf. 3rd ptn. S. £5.00: 42nd Lancs Div. P. £6.50: 43rd Div. Painted. £6.00: 46th Div. P. £12.00:1st (UK) Armoured

Div.ME. £6.00: 17th British Div. P. £10.00: 48th South

Midlands Div. S. £10.00: 78th Div. S. £6.00: UK 1st Division. ME. £3.50: 5th Inf. Div. P. £6.50: 50th Northumbrian Div.P. £8.00:

Overseas - British Troops France. £2.50: British Troops France P. £4.00: Control Comm. Germany. £6.00: Gibraltar Garrison. P. £7.00: Dutch National Territorials. S. £2.50: HQ Nortag S. £3.00: HQ Nortag. P. £5.00: Hong Kong Land Forces P. £6.50: Brigades. - 7th Armd Bde. Gulf. ME. £5.00: 63rd Gurkha Bde. P. £5.00: 1st Guards Armd Bde. £3.00: 19th Ind bde. FP. £4.00: 155th Ind. Inf. Bde. £4.00: N.Irish Trg Bde. £5.00: 116th RM Inf Bde. £6.00: 99th Gurkha Bde. £5.00: 12 Bde.S. £4.00: 19th Mechanised Bde. ME. £5.00: 7th Air Defence Bde. ME. £6.50: 5th Air Assault Bde. ME. £3.00: Lancashire Trg Bde. P, £10.00: 16th Air Assault Bde Badge. Dress. £5.00 each: 12 Mechanised Bde. ME. £5.00: 49th Bde. ME. £4.50:18 Trg Bde RA. P. £8.50: 1st Artillery Bde. ME. £5.00: 12 Bde. S. £4.50: 22nd Bde.ME. £5.00: 101st Logistic Bde. ME. £4.50: Home Counties Bde. P. £5.00: 42nd N.W. Bde. ME/ £6.00: 11th Light Bde. ME. £3.00:

Miscellaneous - Air Fmn Signals. White wings on Navy. P. £9.00: Air Fmn Signals Aeroplane on Sigs colours. S. £5.00: Civil Defence (KC). £3.00: Scottish Cmd Troops. £5.00: UN. ME. £5.00: HQ Northern Army Group. £4.00: West Riding ACF. £6.00: UN £5.00: Jordanian Marines. £4.00: Allied Mobile Force E on L. £5.00: Sedbergh School.CCF., ME. £12.00: Scottish Troops. £5.00: French 12th Div.WW1. £7.00: National Federation Army of Bosnia Hercegovinia. P. £10.00: Royal Irish Regt.S. £4,50: 32nd Armoured Engineer Regt. £6.00: 1st Artillery Bde.ME. £5.00: Princess of Wales Royal Rget on black. E. £5.50: Hampshire County Div. £8.50: Royal Canadian Army Cadets. £3.50: Hampshire ACF. ME. £6.00: 32nd Armoured Engineer Regt ME. £6.00: Royal British Legion. ACF. Affiliated Units.ME. £6.50: RAOC AER. P. £5.00: British Commonwealth Forces Japan/Korea (KC). S. £10.50: The Rifles ME. £3.50: Royal Welsh Fusiliers dragon patch. ME. £3.50: Combined Ops. £3.00: WW2 Civil Defence Portsmouth,. £5.00: Defence Communications Security Agency. £4.50: Joint Forces Logistics. £4.50

Cloth beret badges - The Queens Regt. £5.00: 14/20th Hussars. £5.00: Kings Royal Hussars. £5.00 :

Cloth DZ Patches - RQH Abn. Bde. ME. £6.00: Royal Horse Artillery. ME. £5.00: Kings Regt ME. £5.00: PWO Regt of Yorkshire. £5.00: 1 Para. £3.50: 2 Para. £3.50: 3 Para £3.50:

LZ Patches: Royal Irish Regt (Obsolete) £5.00:

Tactical Recognition Flash.- Royal Irish Regt.ME. £4.50:

Arm of Service cloth strips.£1.00 each.- RA:

Reproduction WW2 British formation badges embroidered on felt £.300 each .unless stated otherwise.

1st & 6th Airborne Div. £3.50: 7th Armoured Div. £5.00: Royal Navy bomb disposal £6.50: Combined Ops.£3,00: 49th (West Riding) Div. £3.50:7th Armoured Bde. £4.50: 6th Armoured Div. £3.50: Raiding Support Regiment. £6.00:

Reproduction Polish WW2 Cloth Formation Badges.

4th Inf. Div. £5.00: American and Canadian Vols. £5.50:

Wire badges. - Student Musician (QC) on navy. £3.50:

United States Armed Forces Cloth Badges.

25th Inf Div. £3.00: Field Arty School. £2.50: 7th Transport Cmd. £2.50: 9th Army. £4.00: 7th Army. £2.00: 4th Army. £2.50: 5th Corps. £4.00: Alaska Supply Gp. £2.50: 9th Log Cmd (sub). 50p: 7 Corps. £4.00: Communications Cmd. £1.50: European Advanced Base. £3.00: pair MP collar dogs.

£3.00: Pacific Theatre. £4.00: 4th Inf £2.50: US Army Europe. £3.50: 18 MP Bde. £3.00: 19 Corps £1.50: Field Arty School. £2.50:Air ROTC. £2.50: Replacement School & Cmd. £2.00: 9th Inf Div. £4.00: SR-71 £4.00: 74 Ax £5.00: CNEW3 VP16 £5.00: 6th Army £4.00: 3rd Corps. £4.00: 4th Army. £4.00: 7th Div(sub). £3.00: 1st Spt. Bde. £3.00: 7th Div. £3.00: Sp. 3rd Class. 1956 £3.00: 1st Army. £4.00: 9th Div. £4.50: 7th Signal Bde. £3.50: 18th Engineer Bde. £3.50: US Troops in Europe. £3.00: 101st Abn Div. £4.50: 82nd Abn Div. £4.50: 7th USAAF. £3.00: 50th Armoured Div (Sub). £3.00: 47th Div. (Sub) £3.00: Air Mobility Cmd (Sub). £3.00: 100th Inf Div. £3.50: 8th Army (Sub). £3.50: 67 ARRS. £5,00: Pacific Airforce. £3.00: 101st Abn Div, Bastogne. £4.50: 101st Abn Div. Sniper. £4.50: Airforce Communications Service £3.00: Carribean Theatre. £4..00: 20th USAAF. £3.50: Subdued USA patches.

8th Army. £3.00: 50th Armoured Div. £3.50:47th iv. £3.00: Aviation School £3,00: 214th Field Artillery Bde. £3.00: Strategic Cmd. £2.50: 9th Logistics Cmd. £2.50: 67 ARRS £3.00: Air Mobility Command. £3.00: Paratroopers wings. £2.00:

Cloth USAF wings £2.50 each - Basic Flt Surgeon £2.50:

US Cloth Police badges. £3.00 each.

Barnesboror Police: Patrolman Boonsville Police. NC: State Police NJ: St. Johns Police: San Antonio Police: City of Bayonne Police: Six Nations Police: San Leandro Police: Alliance Police, Nebraska:: City of Hastings Police, Nebraska: Mississippi Highway Patrol:

Reproduction. USA Special Forces Cloth Patches

United States Glider Troops (Blue). £5.50: 503. PIR. £5.50: 515 PIR. £5.50:

.British Cloth Trade Badges...Rifle. £1.50: Cont. Eqpt. Tech.

£1.50: B Trade. £1.50: ATrade. £1.50: Good Conduct stripes Printed. £1.00: 4 Service chevrons printed. £2.50: RAF PTI (QC). £2.50: RA arm gun. £3.00: 1st Class Infantry Soldier: Army 2nd Class shot,. £3.50:MG (WW2). £5.00:

No.2. Dress.- £1.50 unless stated otherwise. - Artificer

REME:: B Trade: A Trade: Medium Machine Gunner. £2.00: Army Outward Bound School. B. £4.50: Mortarman: REME Artificer: Cadet Infantryman £2.50: Army Bomb Disposal. £3.00: Felix Badge. £4.50:

Army Cadets...£1.50 each. - Rifles: Cert A part 2 star:

RAF £2.00 each - RAF 1st class shot. (QC). £2.50:ATC £2.00 each - Leading Cadet: Marksman. (QC) £2.50:

Rank Badges Israeli L/Cpl stripe. £1.00: each: PO dress Good Conduct stripes £2.00 each: No 2 dress chevrons. Sgts. £5.00:

L/Cpls (Army) £1.00: WO1 (sub). £1.50: RQMS (sub). £1.00: RE Sgts arm grenade. £2.00: Sgt.(Sub) £1.00: L/Cpl/ (sub). £1.00: Brunei Officers rank star. £1.00: ROC Leading

Observer. £2.50: WO11 (QC) cloth crowns. £2.00: RAF Chief Tech. Large Square. £2.00: RAF Chief Tech. Small disc. £2.00: WO2 (QC) B crown. £3.00: Officers metal rank stars/ £1.00: Naval Lieutenant. Electricians Branch cuff band. £2,50: RQMS (QC) No.1 dress gold wire on red. £5.00: RGJ L/Cpls dress chevrons. £2.00: Royal Navy Fleet WO wire mess dress (QC). £5.00: Pair Majors QC dress crowns.,£6.00: Sgt. No. 2 Dress. £3.00p Cpl No 2. Dress. £2.00:USMC 1st Sgt £2.50: USMC 1st Sgt. Sub. Dress. £2.50: US army gol don olive. S/Sgt. £2.00:RQMS (QC). £2.50: WW2 Pattern Sgts Stripes. £5.00:

RAF rank badges current singles.

Chief Technician. £4.50: Cpl. £2.00: Flt Lieut.£1.25: Flying Officer. £1.00:Reproduction WW2 RAF Sgts chevrons. £5.00:

Rank sliders -2nd Lieut DPM. £2.00: 2nd Lieut. (Sub). £2.00: Royal Navy Fleet WO (QC). £5.00: RAF Master Aircrew (QC). £5.00: RAF Junior Tech. £3.50: RAF. LAC. £2.50: Pair of Russian shoulder boards yellow letter K and yellow bands down each side on khaki. £2.50: Royal Observer Corps. Leading Observer. £2.50:QRL. £2.00:

RAF rank sliders current. singles.SAC. £2.00: Cpl. £2.00: LAC £2.50:: W.O. £2.50: WO aircrew. £2.50: Chief Technician. £2.50: T.Sgt/ £3.50: Chief Technician. £3.50: SAC (Technician). £3.00:

Dress Chevrons - L/Cpl. Rifle Bde. £2.00:

Hackles.- £7.50 - Purple:

£8.50 - White/blue: Red/brown/green:

Metal shoulder titles pairs...

CLB. £6.00: CMP. £6.00: HAC. £6.00: HAC (chrome).£6.00: 15/19H. £8.00: RTR. £6.00: TT Prisons. £4,00: 1XL. 18.00: XRH. £10.00: RAC. £8.00: 15/19H (officers). £10.00: Kings. £6.00: R.Signals £6.00: 1LV. £9.00: AOC. £4.00: RE. £4.00: ROC. £8.00:

Other Metal shoulder titles - Singles - King's £2.00: KR. £3.00: NR. £5.00: AA. £1.50:15/19H £4.00: 1X/X11L. £6.00: RS (WM). £5.00: XRH. £5.00: HAC (chrome). 3.00: 1XL. £9.00: FG. £2.00: Loyals. £3.00: RMP. £3.00: `£5.00:RTR. £5.00: Somerset with bugle. £6.00: E.A.Customs & Excise. £2.00: RTC. £5.00: RAC. £4.00: £2.00: RB. £4.00: RRCA. £1.50: HMRR/Hussars. B. (slight repair to letter h). £20.00: DY. £10.00: 1XL. £5.00: KRR. £3.00: SAMR (WM). £2.00: YH £10.00: R.Signals. £3.00: ACC. £2.50: DW. £3.00: HLI.£5.00: 1LV. £4.50:EY. £6.00: MGC. £4.00: REME. £2.00: AOC. £2.00: T/RE/London. £20.00: QRIH. £6.00: RE. £2.00: HAC. £3.00:London. £7.50: ZRP. £2.00: TTPrisons. £2.00: WIR. £3.00: SAEC/SAG. £2.00: SAIC/SAID. £2.00: NZR. £2.00:RACC. £2,00: KRR. £3.00: CMP. £3.00: CLB. £3.00: RM. £2,00: ROC. £4.00:RAOC. £3.00: RTC. £10.00: RA. £1.50: RHA. £3.00: LF with grenade. £5.00: NDC. £6.50: RM. £3.00:

Anodised shoulder titles Pairs.

APTC. £2.00: RA. £3.50. MOD Guard Services £3.00:Rifles. £8.00:

Singles - RNSWR. £2.00: APTC. £1.00: RA. £1.50: Rifles. £4.00: Royal Signals. £1

Metal Collar Badges Pairs.- RASC GV1R (KC). £4.00: Indian Army ASC (KC) OSD.£10.00: Welsh Police chrome. £4.00: Scottish Horse (Scots crown). B. £12.00: Royal Marines WW2 Plastic. £7.50: East Surreys.(QVC). B. £16.00: Royal Engineers. Gilt. £6.00: Royal Marines Bze. £6.00:

Single Metal Collar Badges,

Army Catering Corps. (QC). SP/G. £3.00: Army Apprentices

School (KC). B. £6.00: ASC (QVC) B. £4.50: The Bays. (KC) B. Rubbed. £3.00: Border Regt WM. FL. £3.00: Cheshire Yeo. B. £6.00: WW1 Canadian Pioneers (KC).B. £5.00; WW1 Canadian Pioneers. (KC). Bze. £6.50: East Surrey (QVC) B. £8.00: Herts Yeo. B. FR. £5.00: 7th Hussars.(KC) BM. £6.00: Herts Yeo, B, FL. £5.00: KSLI 1881-1882. FR. £12.00:. £5.00: RAPC (KC) BM. £4.50: Indian ASC (KC) OSD. £5.00: Lothians & Border Horse. B. £8.00: Liverpool City Police (QC) chrome. FR. £2.00:Manchester Regt. Post 1949 WM. £4.00: Northumberland Hussars. (KC) Chrome. £6.50: NZ Rifle Bde. Bze. (KC). £6.00: Northants Yeo FR. WM. £6.00: Queens Royal Regt FL. B. £3.00: RAOC (KC) OSD. £2.50: Royal West Kents. (KC) B. FR. £3.50: RAEC (KC) BM. £2.00: Royal West Kents (QVC).FR.B.£8.00:RA OSD. Bze. £1.50: RA. B. £1.00: RASC (KC) GV1R. B. £2.00: Royal Regt of Fus. Officers FL, SP/G. £6.00: Royal Berskhires. FL. WM. £3.50: Royal West Kent. (KC).B. FL. £3.50:RCAMC OSD. Bze. £5.00: RASC (QC). B. £2,.00: South Staffs. B. £3.50: Scottish Horse. B (Scots Crown). £12.00: Worcesters B, FR. £3.00: York & N.E.Police chrome FL. £2.00:

Anodised collar badges

Pairs - Lt. Infantry. Small ptn.£4.00::

Anodised collar badges - Singles.

RE. £1.50: Glosters. £1.50: RGJ. £1.50:

Anodised Cap Badges

Cavalry.- 3rd Carabiniers.£9.50: 9/12th Lancers. £5.00: 16/5th Lancers. £6.50: 14/20th Hussars. £7.00: 4/7th Dragoon Guards. £5.50:

Gurkhas- Gurkha Transport Regt. £9.50: Gurkhas Engineers. £11.00: Gurkha Signals. £8.50:

Infantry - Royal Irish Rangers £6.50: Kings Own Royal Border Regt £4.50: Cheshire Regt.£5.00: Royal Anglian Regt. £5.00: Dorset regt.£20.00: Gloucester regt.£5.00:Royal Hampshire

Regt. £4.50: Notts/Derby Regt.£10.00: KSLI(beret) £12.00: Worcestershire Regt £14.00: Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. £6.00: Royal Regt. Of Fusiliers. £8.50:

Arms & Corps. - Army Air Corps £8.50: Womens Royal Army Corps. £5.50: RCT. £8.50: RAOC. £6.00: Intelligence Corps. £8.50: RHA. £8.50:

RE. £5.00:

Yeomanry,TA etc.- South Notts Hussars. £8.00:: Sherwood Rangers Yeo.£4.00: Ulster Defence Regt £6.00: Warwicks &

Worcester Yeo. £7.50:

Metal Restrike Cap Badges.- KRRC (QVC) Black.small ptn. £5.00: Ayrshire Yeo.B.£3.50: Bedfordshire Regt. B, £3.00: 4th Lanarkshire Rifle Vols. 1874-87.£11.00: 6th Btn. Hampshire Regt. B. £10.50: V Force. £6.50: Lancashire Hussars Imperial Yeomanry. BM. £10.00: Scots Guards Victorian Puggaree. B. £11,00: KRRC Militia (QVC) BB. £10.00: 96th Foot 2nd Btn Manchester Regt pre-Territorial Glengarry (QVC) B. £11.00: West Riding RHA. (KC).B. £6.50: West Riding RHA. (KC) B. £6.50: Royal Artillery Cadets (KC) B. £6.50: 5th London RFA Brigade. (KC) B. £6.50: Royal Artillery Vols. 1902/08. (KC) WM.£6.50: Northern Cyclist Battalion. (IKC). B. £11.00: Dublin Regt. N.V. B. £11.00: RTR (KC) B. Tank in reverse. £11.50:19th Hussars. WM. £5.00: Kings Colonials British American Squadron. B. £9.50: Royal Signals. (KC).BM. £5.00:

Genuine Metal Cap Badges.


Essex Regt BM. £7.00: Gloucester Regt. WM.£10.50:Queens Royal regt B. beret. £6.00: The Suffolk Regt (QC) BM. £8.50: Worcester Regt BM. £7.50: Kings Liverpool beret 1954. BM.£10.00: Northamptonshire Regt. BM. £9.50: Royal Sussex Regt BM. £8.50: RMLI. B. £12.00: Suffolk Regt. (KC) BM. £8.50: Royal Welsh Fus. 1916. B. £18.00: Lowland Regt.WM. £28.00: Royal Inniskilling Fus. 1939. B. £40.00: Wiltshire Regt 1939. B. £8.00: The Loyal Regt (QC) BM. £30.00: Royal Munster Fusiliers. BM. Slightly dented. £30.00: Royal Fusiliers (KC) B.. £8.00: North Staffs. BM. £8.50: South Lancashire Regt. 1916. B. £20.00: Ox & Bucks Light Inf. WM. £10.50: Royal Leicestershire Regt BM. £35.00: South Wales Borderers/1916.B. £18.00: Somerset Light Inf. Beret.WM. £12.00: South Staffs (QC) BM. £14.00:York & Lancaster Regt. 1916 B. £45.00:Border Regt KC) Chrome. £15.00: York & Lancaster Regt. BM. £10.50: DCLI.WM. £9.00: Coldstream Guards. B. £9.00: Kings Liverpool Regt 1939. BM. £10.50: Black Watch (QC) WM. £11.00: East Surrey Regt (KC) beret BM, £20.00: Border Regt (QC). WM., £20.00: East Surrey Regt (QC) Beret. BM. £16.00: North Stafforshire Regt. BM. £10.50: Border Regt (KC) WM. £10.50: Queens Royal Regt. B. £8.50: Grenadier Guards. B. £7.50: DLI (KC). Beret. WM. £21.00: KSLI beret. BM. £12.50: Norfolk Regt BM.1914 £15.00: Royal Warwickshire Regt. BM. £10.50: Cameron Highlanders. WM. £12.50: Royal Norfolk Regt. B. £12.50: Royal Norfolk Regt. Beret. B. £15.00: Cheshire regt 1939. BM. £10.50: Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. 1916. B. £50.00: The Loyal Regt. (KC) BM. £12.50: Wiltshire Regt PP cypher 1956. B. £70.00: KRRC (KC) BB. £10.50: East Lancs. (QC)BM. £18.50: Scots guards. B. £9.00:The Welsh Regt. BM. £12.00: The Yorkshire Regt 1914 WM. £10.50: Durham Light Infantry (QC) beret. WM. £7.00:Lincolnshire Regt BM.£10.50: Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. WM. £13.50: Royal Berkshire Regt. B. £10.50: North Staffs., B. £10.00: Black |Watch. 1914 (KC).WM. £12.50: Rifle Bde. 1914 (KC) WM. £12.00:Rifle Bde (1939 (KC).WM. £10.50: East Yorkshire Regt. BM. £10.50: Royal West Kents. WM. £10.50: South Lancs. BM. £10.50: The Kings Own B. £10.50: Royal Scots BM. £12.50: KOSB (KC) WM. £12.50: The Welch Regt. BM. £10.50: Irish Guards. B. £10.00: KOYLI. BM. £10.50: HLI (KC). WM. £12.50: South Wales Borderers. BM. £12.00: Cameronians. WM. £12.50: Gordon Highlanders. WM. £13.50: Seaforth Highlanders. WM. £12.00: SAS.BM. £21.00: Northumberland Fusiliers. B. £12.50: East Lancashire Reg(KC) BM. £10.50: South Staffs (KC) BM. £9.50:Dorsetshire B, pre1956. £9.50: Cameron Highlanders. WM., £12.50: Royal Highland Fusiliers. (QC). BM. £12.50: HLI (QC).WM. £12.50: Royal Irish Rangers (QC) BM. £9.50: East Surrey (KC) BM. £10.50: Somerset Light Inf. WM. £10.50: Kings Liverpool 1914. BM. £15.00: Loyal North Lancs. (KC) BM. £13.50: Manchester Regt. 1939 WM. £10.50: Royal Regt of Wales. BM. £10.50: Lancashire Fusiliers BM. £10.50: East Yorkshire Regt 1916. B. £25.00:

Corps, Arms & Services. - Infantry Trg.Btns.(KC) B.£6.00: Royal Engineers (KC) B.GV1R. £10.50: MPSC (QC).B. £10.50: Royal Armoured Corps 1939/41 (KC) B. £9.50: Royal Artillery (KC) £9.50: Royal Army Pay Corp, (QC)BM. £8.00: Army Education Corps, B. £12.00: RE (GVR) KC.B. £9.50: RAPC. (KC) B, £7.00: ATS (KC) B. £9.00: RAF (KC) B. £10.00: Intelligence Corps (QC) B. £18.00: RASC GV1R (KC)B. £8.50: RASC (QC), B. £9.00: GSC. (KC) B. £7.50: REME. 1942/47 (KC) B. £10.50: RAMC (QC) BM. £10.50: REME (QC). BM. £9.50: Intelligence Corps (KC) B. £9.50: Army Apprentices School (QC) B. £16.00::RAOC (KC)BM. 1949/55 £9.00: WRAC (QC). BM. £10.50: RAMC (KC) B. £9.50: Royal Signals (KC). BM. £10.50: General Service Corps (KC) beret B. £8.50: Army Physical Trg. Corps. (KC). Chrome. £20.00: Small Arms School Corps (QC) Chrome. £18.00:Army Air Corps (QC).WM. £20.00: REME (KC) BM. £9.50: Army Service Corps (KC) B. £9.50: RAF (QC). £10.50: RAEC (KC) BM. £9.50: Royal Naval School of Music. B. £15.00: Royal Army Dental Corps (QC) BM £7.50: RE GV1R (KC) B, £10.50: Army Catering Corps (QC).BM. £12.50: Royal Armoured Corps (QC).WM. £10.50: RAOC (QC) BM. £10.50: Royal Signals (QC) BM. £9.50: RAOC (KC) B. £7.50: RAPC. (QC). BM. £7.00: Royal Artillery

(Loose wheel). (KC). B. £12.50: Womens Land Army (KC). B.enamel. £25.00: Royal Marines (QC). Bze. £12.50: Military Police (KC (GV1R) B. £12.50: Royal Signals pre 1947. (KC) BM £10.50: Royal Engineers (KC) GVR. £10.50: Army Service Corps (KC)B, £10.00 : Royal Army Pay Corps (KC) beret BM. £8.50: Royal Marines (KC) B. £10.50:

Yeomanry. Royal Wiltshire Yeo. BM.£12.50: Middlesex Yeo (QC) BM. £8.50: Duke of Lancasters Own Yeo. 1914. B. £10.00: Lancashire Hussars. B. £15.00: Yorkshire Hussars. B. £30.00: Berkshire Yeo. B. £22.00: Fife & Forfar Scottish Horse (QC). WM. £8.50: Scottish Horse (Scots crown). B. £21.00: Fife & Forfar Yeo. B. £50.00: Westmorland & Cumberland Yeo.(KC) B. £35.00: Berkshire Yeo,. B. £22.00: Kings Colonials British American Sqdn. B. £50.00: Kings Colonials Australasian Sqdn, B, £55.00: Dorsetshire Yeo (KC) 1916 B. £50.00: Derbyshire Yeo. (KC) B. £30.00: Lincolnshire Yeo. (KC). B. £30.00: North Somerset Yeo. GVR (KC). WM. £25.00: Dorest Yeomany 1920-1960 (KC) WM,. £25.00:

Commonwealth & Overseas

Canada.- 8th Princess Louises N.B. Hussars. B. £9.50: Can. Combined Services (QC) B. £6.00: PPCLI 1914 (KC) B. £25.00: Corps of Commissionaires. B. £5.00: Regt. De Maisoneuve/ (KC) BM. £7.50: Nova Scotia Highlanders .BM. £12.50: 19th Lincoln Regt.)KC) Bze. £12,00: 29th Waterloo Regt (KC) Bze. £12.00: Royal Winnipeg Rifles (QC).WM. £8.50:

Africa Def.Rifles Assocn. Transvaal. B. £8.00: Native Mil.

Corps. Bze. £5.00: REP. S.A. Civil Def. enam. £5.00: Civilian Guard Burger Weg (KC) B. £9.50: S. Rhod.AEC. A/A. £8.00:

South Africa G.S. Cast WM. £5.00: SA Special Service Btn. B.£12.00: Regiment Suid-Westelike District B. £12.00: SA

Native Troops. B. £10.00: SAMC. (KC) B. £6.00: S.A. ASC B. £10.00: S.A. Special Service Btn. B. £12.00:

Australia & New Zealand - Aust. ACC (QC) BM. £6.00:

Non-European - Bermuda Rifles. WM. £9.00:

European - France 117th Infantry Regt enamelled. £10.00:

London Regiments.- 13th Btn Kensington. B. £8.50: HAC beret post 1953. WM. £20.00: Queens Westminsters KRRC. (KC) BB. £12.50: HAQC Post 1954. WM. £8.50:

Cavalry. Blues & Royals (QC) Bze. £7.00: 1st Kings Dgn Guards. (KC) BM. £12.00: Queens Bays (KC).B. £20.00: 7th Dragoon Guards. WM. £25.00: 27th Lancers (KC) BM. £50.00: RTR. (QC). SP. £12.50: RTR (KC) WM. £12.50: Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. BM. £12.50:

Territorial Infantry. & Vols etc. - Buckinghamshire Btn (KC)Black. £8.50: Herefordshire Regt BM.£7.50: Radnor Home Guard (QC) B. £12.50: Cambridgeshire. BM. £10.50: 7th Btn Hampshire Regt. B. £25.00: Royal Guernsey Light Infantry. B. £20.00:1st Btn Monmouthshire Regt (KC)WM. 1922-46. £16.50: 8th Btn West Yorkshire Regt BB (KC). £30.00: Hertfordshire Militia BM. £50.00: 8th Btn West Yorkshire Regt (Leeds Rifles).(KC) B. £15.00: Cambridgshire Regt. B. £15.00: KRRC Militia (KC) BB. £50.00: Sussex VTC. Bze. £22.00: 8th Btn, Essex Cyclists. BM. £25.00: 1st

Btn, Monmouthshire Regt.B. £12.50: 7th Btn Foresters (Robin Hood Rifles). (KC) Chrome. £20.00:

Current/Recent Metal British Cap Badges.

Queens Dgn Guards chrome.£6.50: Queens Dgn Guards.

WM. £6.50: Scots Guards. B. £8.50: Royal Marines (QC) Bze. £8.50: Welsh Guards. B. £8.50: RAVC. (QC) BM. £8.50: Devon & Dorsets. BM. £8.50: Parachute Regt (QC) M. £9.50: Military Provost Staff Corps (QC) B. £6.50: Blues & Royals (QC) Bze/ £7.00: The Yorkshire Regt B/enam. £28.00:Royal Dgn Guards WM. £10.50: Royal Army Dental Corps (QC) BM. £8.50: RTR. (QC) WM. £8.50: Kings Own

Royal Border Regt (QC). BM. £8.50: Grenadier Guards B. £7.00: Royal Greenjackets (QC) SP. £8.00: The Rifles (QC) WM. £11.50: Special Recce Regt. (Wire beret). £12.00: Mercian Regt BM. £13.50: Royal Anglian Regt BM. £9.00:Gurkha Adjutant Generals Corps (QC) BM. £14.50: Mercian Regt Officers Bze. £12.50: Adjutant Generals Corps. (QC) BM.£9.00:Coldstream Guards. B, £8.00: Royal Artillery (QC) B. £8.50: Royal Military Police,. (QC) B. £8.50: Duke of Edinburghs Royal Regt. BM. £9.50: Light Infantry WM, £9.50: Yorkshire Regt. Bze. £12.50: Royal Gurkha Rifles (QC)> Chrome. £8.50: Royal Welsh Regt. Bze. £11.50: Royal Welsh Regt. BM. £12.50:The Light Dragoons. BM/enam. £15.00: U.N,. Enamellled/B. £13.50: Royal Dragoon Guards. Enam/SP/G. £20.50: Royal Navy Ratings beret badge. BM. £11.00: The Rifles Sgts cross belt plate. (QC) SP.£17.00. RA (QC).B. £9.00: Parachute Regt (QC) Black. £8.50: Princess of Wales Royal Regt Bze. £11.75: Royal Signals (QC) BM. £11.00: Royal Logistic Corps (QC).BM. £11.00: The Life Guards. (QC).B. £9.50: Staffordshire Regt. BM. £9.00: WRAC (QC).BM. £8.50:: Royal Greenjackets. (QC) BB. £8.50: The Queens Lancashire Regt. 1st Ptn. (QC) B/enam. £17.50: QARANC. (QC).BM. £9.00: RN. P.O. (QC). BM. £13.50: TheYorkshire Regt. BM. £12.50: Military Provost Guard Service (QC) BM. £9.50: The Royal Yeomanry WM. £14.50: The Duke of Lancasters Regt. (QC), BM. £11.50: .Royal Engineers (QC) BM. £9.50: SBS (wire). £12.50: Princess of Wales' Royal Regt.SP/G/enamel. £14.50:

Arm badges. WW1 49th Inf Div. Shoulder rose. WM. £10.00: Signaller B. £3.00:

WW2 Plastic cap badges. - RASC. £5.00:

Officer's Service Dress Bronze - Gloucester Regt back badge. £12.00: RCAMC. (KC)> £12.00: Womens Auxiliary Army Corps £18.00: KOYLI/ £15.00:

Officers Silvered & Gilt, Silvered, Gilt. -Australian Army Catering Corps (QC).SP/G. £15.00: RAEME (QC)> £10.50:

Princess of Wales Own Royal Regt. SP/G/Enamel. £17.00: RAF Officers side cap badge gold anodised. £12.50: RAMC (QC) SP/G. £16.50: RTR (QC) SP. £12.50:

Miscellaneous Badges - HM Prisons (QC) Chrome. £4.50: Royal Navy Submariners Senior ratings Patrol badge. £10.50: RN Submariners All ranks Patrol badge. £9.50: Submariners Dolphin Badge. £11.50: National Fire Service enam/WM. ((KC), £3.50: Ross Cxlan Badge. SP. £15.00:

British Officers Wire Embroidered Beret Badges.

RADC., £8.50: RAPC. £8.50: RAOC. £8.50: Cheshire Regt. £7.25: Queens Royal Hussars (Forage cap).£8.50.: Royal Regt. Of Wales £8.50: The Yorkshire Volunteers. £12.50:

RAF Officers wire cap badges.

RAF (QC). £13.50: RAF (KC). £12.50:

Wire beret badges. -RAF Airman (QC). £3.50: RCAF (QC) Officer £7.50:

RAF Gold Wire Badges. £9.50. each.

Air Ambulance Attendant: Flight Medical Officer:

Top quality Reproducion metal Nazi German badges. and medals

Drivers wheel gold grade. £10.00: Army cap eagle. £7.50: NSKK 1933 Armshield £30.00: War Merit Cross with swords 1st Class. £21.00: Panzer Assault Badge. £19,95: General Assault Badge. £19.95: DLR Sports Badge. £19.95: Wound Badge. Black. £15.00:Gestapo ID Tag. £10.00: Iron

Cross 1st Class. £32.50: Iron Cross 2nd Class. £18.00: Secret Field Police ID Tag. £10.50: Knights Cross £32.00:Knights Cross with oakleaves. £25.00:Waffen SS Cap eagle. £7.50: SA Kepi Eagle. £3.50:

Reroduction Nazi Tinnies, £10,50 each

Luftschutz No.7. : Tag der Deutschen Seefahrt 25. 25.5.1935:

Reproduction Nazi Lapel Badges: Reichs Luftschutz. £7.50: National Sozialistiche D.A.P. £8.50:: Hitler Youth. (black , red or orange.). £7.00:Waffen SS. £8.50: Der Deutsche in Ungarn Volksbund. £7,50: Deutschland Erwache. £8.50: Danzig Luftschutz Bund. £7.50: DVGWestmark(Lothr).£8.50: Non Erst Recht. £8.50: N.S.Arbeitdienst Abt LG. £7.50: Swastika Flag. £7.50: Frauenschaft NSDAP £8,50: H.J. Jugend Deutscharbeiter. £7.50: HJ. Sieger im Reich Bervfswetkampfe. 1936. £7.50: Deutsche Jungvolk. £7.59: Adolf Hitler 1933: Gold Party Badge. £12.50:

NS Arbeitersdienst Braunschweig £8.50: German/British Friendship Assocn. £8.50:

Reproduction SS Cuff .titles etc.£8.50.

Sachsen: Skanderberg: Ostmark: Nord: Wallonien:Thule:Westland:

Reproduction SS Cuff titles salt & pepper pattern £8,50 each.

Hitler Jugend: Frundsberg:

Repro Swastika Arm bands. £5.00 each.

NSDAP: Hitler Youth: Waffen SS:

Repro Cloth breast eagles etc. £2.50 each... Army:: Idel-Ural bevo sleeve badge. £3.50: SS arm eagle. £3.50: Luftwaffe breast eagle. £3.50: SS cap eagles. £3.00: Cossack Bevo Weave. £6.50: Bevo Weave RAD cloth badge., £12.50:

Repro Wire Breast Eagles.

Luftwaffe General Summer issue. £8.50:

Sets of 5 Reproduction Third Reich postcards £4.95 per set.

Set A.B. Or C.

Modern Nazi Theme Key Rings., £2,50 each.

1st SS: Nazi Banner: Britische Freikorps: Das Reich: Fallschirmjager:Michael Wittman: Hitler: Deutsche Madchen Bund:

Brass Military Buttons Large size:

Mostly singles

RAOC (KC). £1.50: RAF (KC) we have a few of these. £2.00: RA (KC). £1,50: REME (KC) 1942/47..£1.50: RCAF (QC). £1.50: Leicester Regt. £2.00:

Large Black.: GPO.(KC). £1.00: Liverpool City olice (KC). £1.50:

Small brass buttons Mostly singles.

East Yorks. £1.50: Royal Berkshire (KC). £1.50: Grenadier Guards (KC). £1.50: RAMC (cap size) KC. £1.50: RTR

(KC)> we have a few of these £1.50; HLI (QVC). £3.50: RCAF (KC)> £1.00: RAMC (KC). £1.00: Worcester. £1.50: LMS (WM) £1.00:Royal Glos/Berks/Wilts £1.00:

Wall Plaques - Size 7" x 6"

We have the following in stock £15.00 each to clear Postage £2.50.

Light Colour.

Far East Prisoner of War Association: West Yorks:71(Yeo) Sig. Regt (V): RAF Station Muhamaq:

Medium - 206 (6 Inf Bde)Signal Squadron:: 208 Signal Squadron:

Metal Para Wings'

Tunisian Para Instructor. WM/enam. £25.00: Iraq Qualified Para. £5.00:

Current or recent British Cloth Para Wings etc.£3.50 each.(unless stated otherwise)

QADI: Army £4.50::RAF: Army subdued: Light Inf: SAS.£6.50: Royal Logistic Corps Air Despatch (QC). £5.00

Multi-Cam., £3.50: Desert Pattern. £3.00: APJI.. £3.50:

Reproduction WW2. £7.50:

Overseas Cloth Para Wings & Badges -East German sleeve badge. £10.00:s USA Masters (German). £4.50:

Reproduction Para Wings. Etc - £2.50 each KRRC.:

Canadian Para wings.

Mess Dress Operational Para. Gilt/enamel./ £7.50: Qualified non-op garrison Uniform. £5.00: Qualified Non-Op silver/gold thread. £5.00:

RAF Pilots Wings & Brevets etc...£6.50 each.unless stated otherwise. (The obsolete ones are good modern reproductions). RFC on khaki £7.50: RAF( QC) £7.50: Air Electronics (AE): Air Quartermaster (QM): Radio Operator (RO): Air Loadmaster (LM):Signaller (S): Meteorologist (M):Para. Instr: Fighter Controller (FC).: Air Technician (AT).: Observer (O):Air Gunner (AG): Bomb Aimer (B). Engineer (E): NZ Airforce (KC): Royal Canadian Airforce (KC): RAF (KC). £8.50: RAF (KC). £8.50: RAFVR unofficial (KC). £6./50:

Uniforms, Tunics, Caps Helmets etc. U.K. Postage -Caps £4.00: Uniforms, Tunics , & Helmets. £7.50:

OVERSEAS POSTAGE Please enquire.

Reproduction white Tropical Service Helmet. £27.50:

Reproduction sand coloured Tropical Service Helmet, £27.50

st German Peaked Cap. Green. £14.95.

Russian Army Parade Tunic. £17.95.

Austrian Army Parade Tunic. £15.00.

German Airforce tunic. £17.95.

German Army Mountain troops Tunic. £17.95

RAF Peaked Cap (QC) size 7. £35.00;


Belgian Army issue Jack Knives. (Tarnished condition). £8.50..

Leconfield Memorial Dedication Booklet. 5th Sept. 2007. £5.00:

Official Programme of the Victory Celebrations. 8th June. 1946. £5.00:

PLAYING CARDS Postage £2.50

Pack of Second World War 1939-1945 Historic Art Posters playing cards Featuring a collection of 54 Classic Images

The Forces' Favourites a Pack of 54 Fabulous pin-ups . 1940's Favourite playing cards. £5.95.

Pack of First World War 1914-1918 Posters. £5.95.

Bygone Britain Photos by Francis Frithon. 55 Special Face playing cards. £5.95.

Double pack of Spotter Playing Cards Naval & Aeroplane. Double deck set. £9.95,

POLYESTER FLAGS. £10.50 each 5' x 3'

Union Jack: USA Stars and Stripes: Confederate States of

America: Hitler Youth: Nazi Swastika Flag: Nazi WW2 Kriegsmarine Battle Flag: Ulster: Airborne Div: Parachute Regt: Nazi Party: Yorkshire: SAS:

The Military Music of the Third Reich on CD. £14.95 each

(The Tomahawk Films Archive.)

Die Waffen-SS Alte Kameraden Singen!

Military Music of Adolf Hitler's Leibstandarte-SS.

Soldatenlieder und Hornsignale der Waffen-SS.

Musik der Luftwaffe.

Musik der Kreigsmarine.

Musik der H.J. & S.A.

The Instrumental Marches of Adolf Hitler's Elite Musikkorps

& Musikschulen. 1935-1945.

The Kaiser's Musikkorps of the 3Great War" 1914-18.

Musik von Herms Niel.

Charlie & his Orchestra Nazi Propaganda Swing. 1940-1945.

Intstrumental Marches of the Elite Musikkorps 1935-45.

Die Musikkorps der Wachbataillonen-Berlin. 1937-45.

Cavalry Music of the Third Reich 1933-45.

The Songs of Lale Andersen 1939-1943.


Stabsmusikkorps der Bundeswehr 1957.

Adolf Hitler's Combat Newsreels, The Musik Soundtrack.


The Combat Newsreels of Hitler's Reich. £16.95. (Post £1.00

Triumph of the Will. £5.00

Postcards Sets published by Geoff White.

Most sets contain 6 cards, but some vary, number indicated in

brackets all cost £3.00 each.

The Yeo.Cavalry Set 1.: Drummers of the Foot Guards:

|Set of 10 Reproduction WW2 Forces Favourites Greeting Cards (by David Wright).,£9.95 per set,.

BOOKS - UK POSTAGE. - £3.00 per book unless otherwise

stated. OVERSEAS Purchasers please enquire for rates.


Soldiers Fighting Men's Lives. 1901-2001 by Philip Zioegler

SB. £5.00 (Save £5.00)

All Quiet on the Home F ront an Oral History byRichard van Emden & Steve Humphries £10.00 (Save £8.99)

A new Guide to the Battlefields of North France and the Low Countries by Michael Glover . £4.99. P & p £3.00.

|In a Free Republic Life in Cromwell's Eng;and. By Alison Plowden. £9.50 (Save £10.50);

Century of Troubles 1600-1700 by Stevie Davies. £10.00 (Save £8.99).

Captain Cook's War & Peace/ The Royal Navy Years 1755-1768. By John Robson. £10.50. (Save £9.45)..

A Soldier of the 71st From De La Plata to Waterloo, by Joseph Sinclair. £10.50 (Save £9.49).

NEW BOOKs. By Shire Publications. P & P. £2.00.

Discovering battlefields of England & Scotland. By John Kinross. SB. £8.99.

The Victoria Cross. By Peter Duckers. SB. £5.99. (£2.00)

The British Soldier of the Second World War. By Peter Doyle. £5.99.

British Campaign Medals of the First World War. By Peter Duckers.£6.99.

British Campaign Medals 1914-2005. By Peter Duckers.£7.95.

The British Soldier of the First World War. By Peter Doyle/.£6.99.

British Campaign Medals 1815-1914. By Peter Duckers. £6.99.


Military Badge Collecting by John Gaylor. £19.95.


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